About Us

Zenos Electronics was established in 2006. We are people committed to helping other people through innovative thinking, pro-active actions and understanding.

We do not claim to be the ultimate company in IT.
We know that by the acknowledgement of our shortcomings no problem is insurmountable.
We do not profess our own greatness.
We know that by helping and promoting our client, greatness will follow.
We do not deal with numbers or robots.
We know the importance of the human touch in a modern business environment. We deal with people.
We do not claim to have a solution to every problem.
We understand that the small to medium business does not have millions to spend on expensive and often unnecessary computer equipment and support. We act accordingly.
We do not create false hopes.
We create personal solutions. Through proper definition of a problem the solution will more often than not present itself.
We do not criticize from an armchair.
We believe that through personal involvement, proper management and realistic planning a lot can be achieved with very little.


  • To listen to our customers.
  • To understand our customers needs.
  • To help and support our customers at fair and reasonable rates.
  • To promote openness and transparency in a ever hostile business environment.
  • To be involved.

You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created – Albert Einstein

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