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Web Quoting System

This software is aimed at manufacturing companies. This software is mainly used by sales representatives that sell customized equipment. The equipment is built by answering questions to a configuration wizard. As soon as an sales order is generated by a buyer, the specifications are exported to the financial system which in turn controls the stock and manufacturing of the equipment. This software can be used on the web to design your own customized PC.



This is a Linux based solution. It provides all or a selected set of the following systems:

  • Mail Server.
  • Domain Name Server.
  • File Server.
  • DHCP Server.
  • Proxy Server.
  • Firewall.
  • Internet connectivity for a small to medium size office. Including a modem device.
  • Remote management for the ISP. (You do not need Linux expertise to manage this box.)
  • SQL Server on Request.
  • Management tools.
  • Supports all windows platforms.

This is a single device without a screen or a keyboard. It is a cost effective solution for a small to medium size business. It is a full server infrastructure without the cost of software licensing. Physical wiring for a network need to be in place and all workstations must be connected to this network. The e-Box will do the rest. Further specifications and setup will depend on the individual needs of clients. The system is extremely flexible. Direct inquiries to

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